What is Splotchbot Studios?

Who writes all of your music?

How can we get updates?

We are an independent game development studio based out of south eastern United States. We like to make games that make you smile. Check our Team page to meet our members!

Basically all of us. We're big believers of the "do-it-yourself" philosophy, so everything that is developed is done 100% in house. Two of our founding members are professional musicians, so that certainly helps!

Head to our contact page and hit the subscribe button! We'll add you to our mailing list and send out periodic updates from there. Don't worry, we won't spam you. And if you ever want off, it's as easy as hitting unsubscribe!

School and Other Updates

Hey there Splotchbot fans!  As you have probably noticed, it has been more than a week since you've seen any update on the game or our progress, and to put it simply: the school year has now started for all three of us here at the studio, and that means we all have less time to put in towards w...

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